Finding Our Name

by Oct 21, 2018

Finding Our Name

We needed to decide what our food co-op’s name would be and we also thought it would be fun to have members be part of making that decision. So, to establish the name choices that ultimately went on the ballot we decided to do a little brainstorming. Through a creative process of sorts we came up a with a list of 15+ names. Here’s a peek into our thought process:

What do we need our name to tell people? Obviously, we want to make sure our name identifies us as a place to get groceries. We want the name to feel familiar and welcoming. With that in mind we started listing references to our location and our history: Timberlake, Mill Stone, Mill Pond, Crow River Food Coop… We got a little silly and played with the idea of an homage to our last grocery store with the names, The Little Big Store or The Little Food Co-op. We explored more experiential ideas with names like Oak Savannah or Knob and Kettle Co-op. Between the 5 of us we narrowed it down to the three names members voted on this week: The Little Food Coop, New London Food Coop and Monongalia Food Coop.

Nearly 75% of member votes have been collected and it seems safe to project a winner in our co-op’s name election. With almost 67% of the vote, members are saying they prefer the name New London Food Co-op. Now, with your votes, we’re official.
Up next: Designing our logo: post-its and posters, cranes and grains

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