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A Quick Story

About Our Beginning

It all started with a group of locals who love their community

One day, a group of us who grew up in the area were discussing the positive changes taking place in our local community.  A new brewery, a revamped main street, and an upgraded high school.

What more could we ask for we thought to ourselves.

It turns out as much as we loved the new beers, trendy shops, and a great education, we still felt there was one thing stunting the growth of our community.

Easy access to great food.

Thus, the idea for the New London Food Co-op was born and the initial board was formed.


– Erik Hatlestad, Co-op Business Development

Our Committed

Board members

Dylan Erikson

Dylan Erikson


As co-owner of our family construction business, I’ve been around buildings and tools since 8th grade. I look forward to putting these skills to work for the New London Food Coop!

Jais gossman

Jais gossman

Institutional Outreach

As an activist worker and an experienced member of collective living communities, I’m excited to weave together disparate elements of a community into a functioning organization.

Erik hatlestad

Erik hatlestad

Cooperative Development

After chairing a co-op board in Morris I’m excited to develop a food co-op in my hometown because I view local democratic systems that serve the needs of our community as vital to long term sustainability and development.

bethany lacktorin

bethany lacktorin

Finance / Marketing

Through 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, I've learned that I’m a person who enjoys creating spaces where real collaboration can happen. I believe in feeding the things I believe in.

Our Promise

To all our co-op members

We Will Fulfill our mission

Our mission is to serve our community by providing local foods grown by area farmers that is healthy and wholesome.

We will strive to create an environment that is friendly, open, inclusive and inviting. It is important to us that all members of our community and region have access to the basics like bulk goods, along with local produce, meat and dairy. Basic food systems education and simple culinary instruction will be available. We want our members to be able to serve delicious and nutritious meals to their families and friends. We encourage our members to connect with their local farmers in order to increase awareness and appreciation of sustainable agriculture and food production.

Accessibility is key to the New London Co-op: Members will be provided with a key card for 24-hour access to the store. We will also have staffed hours during key shopping times that will be open to the public.

The concept is simple and timeless. The New London Co-op will be your local hub for new tastes and old-fashioned quality. Good food should be convenient, accessible, and available in a friendly and unique environment.

Accomplish Our goals

-Provide living wage jobs for store staff

-Provide market space for local producers

-Build the local foods economy

-Build a platform for more local producers to develop

-Provide local options/different sourcing

-Provide funding, resources, space, and a platform for democratic organizing

-Education on cooperatives and cooperative economics

We will view this co-op as a success if we are able to build a sustainable, cooperatively owned and operated grocery store that can provide products that are locally sourced and/or are sustainably/ethically/organically produced.

We can achieve this goal through democratic community organizing and by giving our neighbors and people across the region a sense of ownership in their food system.

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