A Barn Raising – Join Our Building Subcommittee

by Nov 27, 2018

Join the Building and Facilities Subcommittee

Take part in bringing the New London Food Coop from paper to a physical location!

Thanks to the many local citizens who’ve become members and our determined core-group. A grocery store in New London is becoming a reality and our efforts are picking up steam with a physical location just around the corner!

In preparing to obtain the keys to the building, and in the spirit of a “barn raising”, I am calling on all interested persons to consider joining the New London Food Coop’s Building/facilities subcommittee.

Talents Needed

If you feel you have an eye for design and creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, are gifted at sourcing building supplies and materials, have demo/construction experience or have experience in opening the doors of a new business, we are in need of your talents.

I am looking to gather a group of individuals with a good balance of cognitive and physical talents that will culminate in the creation of beautiful space for all of us to grocery shop, a space that demonstrates the fruits (and vegetables) of our spirited New London Community!

What We Will Be Doing (Meeting, Planning, and Action)

Meeting – Kicking things off, we will meet on Saturday December 1st at 9am at Lake Affect coffee shop in New London; following that we will meet monthly with additional meetings as necessary to facilitate optimal progression.

Planning – At these meetings we will discuss: space design, sourcing store items (freezers, coolers, shelving, etc…) volunteer person hours (demo, construction, painting, landscaping, etc..), timelines and much more!

Action – Taking it from the coffee shop out to the community and through the doors of our future local grocery store, we will work together to turn our vision into a reality.

If you are interested in joining please contact Dylan Erickson:
Email – [email protected]
Phone – (971) 235-0611

Thank You!

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