Lets Get A CSA Drop in New London!

by Mar 24, 2019


In the celebration of food and empowering local producers the New London Food Coop has teamed up with Easy Bean Farm (click HERE to visit Farm Website!) to bring a Community Supported Agricultural (C.S.A) drop location to New London!

How do we get a C.S.A drop in New London?

Reaching fifteen shares in the New London area. Let do it!

What is a share?

A share in a local farm directly links the farmer and the consumer in a mutualistic and earth friendly way! As the Easy Bean producers, Malena & Mike write – Farmers share the risks of weather and “varmints” with shareholders, and the shareholders enjoy the freshest organic produce possible.

What will you get in your share?

Shareholders receive a box of veggies each week from early June to mid-October. The box usually contains 10-15 different items including all of the regulars plus herbs, heirlooms and a few unusual varieties. Shareholders receive a newsletter each week filled with information about the fruits/veggies in their share, recipes, news from the farm, notices of upcoming events, poetry and other ramblings.

Can I do a half share?

You sure can! A Half Share is actually more than half of a Full Share during the heart of the summer.  The Half Share is a 5/9th bushel box of produce and typically feeds two adults with mixed diets. For a household of two or less consider a half share, unless of course you are thinking ahead and plan on putting up a bunch of the summer sun goodness for the cold months via: freezing, canning, fermenting, burying in the back yard or any other preservation method of your choice.

How much do I get in a full share?

The Full Share is just over a bushel and feeds a typical family of four with mixed diets. You may consider sharing a full share with a neighbor to save a little on your priceless bounty; to do this simply: 1- Choose who will order and pay for the share, 2- Split the cost one time, and 3- Split the box each week throughout the summer. This can be a great way to get to know your neighbor… maybe a local produce cookout or two during the summer is called for.


Full – $635.00 & Half – $435.00

Why Should I?

Malena & Mike say it best – All of us have a vested interest in promoting agricultural systems that treat workers fairly, leave our air, water and soils healthy for future generations, greatly reduce the carbon footprint of each calorie that nurtures us, and allow farmers to earn a reasonable living.

As a New London Food Coop member- not a member yet, click HERE to learn how to join!, I’m sure you celebrate the values expressed by Mike and Malena. Or maybe you just want a grocery store back in town, or maybe all of thee above. What ever your reason, you should consider joining us in getting a CSA drop in New London, because creating community around food is the first step in the ultimate success of the OUR future food-coop.

How to Join?

Click HERE –  and scroll down to the New London drop site and join the waiting list.

Lets build community around food!


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